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Place My Business excels in providing the finest quality of services for all your business needs, from Merchant Account Services for all types of Retail Merchants including High-Risk Merchants, to developing a SEO Web Site that’s designed to attract Organic Traffic.

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Merchant Account Services

Place My Business (PMB), with over 15 years of experience, provides a diverse set of Merchant Services to help businesses increase revenues and overall profitability. These services provide merchants with meaningful payment solutions and operations management systems to simplify processes and build customer satisfaction.

Whether you are an online merchant or a retailer, every business owner needs the right merchant services to reach its potential. These services can help merchants drive revenue, attract new customers, build their brand presence, and encourage loyalty with their current customer base.

When it comes to providing your customers a good shopping experience, retail merchant services can make or break your image as an online dealer.  These services include debit and credit card processing. Starting from the time a customer submits their credit card for payment to the issuing of funds by the bank for the transaction, the whole process needs to be smooth for complete customer satisfaction. Between the first and the last step lies a complex chain of events that need to be handled with utmost care and this is where PMB comes through for you.

At Place My Business, we offer the best online transaction services in the industry.  With our services, your online store’s operations will be handled perfectly keeping you open for business 24 hours a day 7 days per week.

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SEO Services

At Place My Business, we don’t just drive traffic to your website – we produce the ROI you’re looking for! Our marketing consultants focus on SEO, which will drive organic traffic to your website. This provides you with the necessary leads to increase sales and revenue. Not all leads are created equal, though. Qualified leads are genuinely interested in what you have to offer, and this is the type of traffic we focus on.  At Place My Business, you receive a dedicated marketing consultant who will take the time to understand your industry and your competitors. This research helps us determine the keywords your audience is searching for and how to get this audience to visit your website. We also monitor our clients’ sites to ensure they are receiving an increase in traffic and that our efforts are working.

  • Fixed pricing to make budgeting easy
  • Ethical, Google-approved practices
  • Customized strategies that fit your business
  • Guaranteed results and increased ROI
  • Monthly reports that show rankings, updates and other important data
  • Peace of mind that your site is being monitored

You can’t afford to take a back seat to your online presence. Being competitive is essential to the survival of your business, and it requires your constant attention. Place My Business is happy to meet with you, learn about your business and discuss your goals. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation and see how we can build your business ROI like you’ve never seen before.

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